Landscape Garden Design 

I’ve been a landscape gardener for over 20 years now. I’ve helped create everything from small court-yard hideaways to large rolling countryside gardens.

I’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2005

As I’m a bit of a mechanical nut I have a great collection of machinery, from small dumpers and diggers that can be manoeuvred carefully through doorways to large excavators and dumpers and skip-loaders for the bulkier dig. This means I can take different projects – and always at a competitive price.

 I’m happy to look at any sort of exterior work, or groundwork and excavation only if that’s what you need.

 And, if you’ve already got the design and advice you need, I’ll be happy to work with your designer.

 I’ll come out and see you (from a distance of two metres) and give you a straight answer every time.









I have a lot of experience in general garden construction and design. This includes paving, fencing brickwork, water-features, pergolas and gazebos. I can give you design ideas or work to existing designs if you have them. I’ve worked successfully with many designers in the past and enjoy the collaborative nature of the work.



Growing up by the river in Remenham and working in and around Henley, has made me very aware of the importance of drainage. And how it’s often overlooked until the time comes to stock up on sandbags.

 My tip – on any job always take drainage into account first. It’s easy to install before but hugely disruptive to install after.


My fleet of diggers and dumpers can make short work of any size job.

Hedge Planting

Planting hedges is another type of work where I get to use all my toys, like diggers and dumpers. Over the years I’ve planted all sorts of hedges, everything from knee high laurel up to yew hedges that went in the ground at 3.5 metres. We can talk about how to get the effect you want within your budget.


Waste not…

As a clever person once said, about throwing things away “there is no away”. Making your garden beautiful, but making somewhere else ugly, isn’t a clever solution.

I believe that absolutely everything should find a second use, and I go the extra mile to do it.

I take all the waste from my jobs to a transfer station where it can be processed. I then often buy it back in the form of top-soil or hard-core bases for terraces and driveways.


Not all sleepers are the same

The days when all sleepers came from a British Rail siding are gone. Sleepers are now designed for all sorts of different uses and come in all shapes, sizes and woods.

 The right sleeper for the job

Sleepers have many uses in the garden – from large retaining-walls to small raised vegetable gardens or planters. Reclaimed sleepers give a country cottage effect, whilst new oak sleepers give a more contemporary ordered feel. You can also get large pressure treated softwood sleepers that give. Each type of sleeper has its’ pros and cons.

Summer Houses

Home from homes

I install summer house and shed bases in all shapes and sizes. And the buildings themselves can be made bespoke as they normally go at the back corners of gardens which can be peculiar shapes.

 I can either work to a specification, or drawing, or advise on what would be suitable.

“Relevant quote from satisfied customer about a design project”

Brief details of that project, so for example landscape garden design in Henley-on-Thames including a hot tub and patio build. 

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Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

With many years of experience and an eye for detail, I develop creative solutions in garden and landscape design. Working with you, I design your new living environment, tailoring it to fit your exact specifications.

What's different about me is that I don't insist that you leave the entire project to me: you play an active part too. Modular pricing means that you can use my professional support to construct your project piece by piece from the drawing board upwards. Better still, this approach will save you money!