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Fencing is very important from a security and aesthetic and point of view. It has to be strong and look good. There are a huge range of fencing styles – everything from rustic field post-and-rail fencing with galvanised stock wire to high close-board fencing with contemporary slatted panels. And everything in between.


The perfect closeboard fence…

Closeboard fencing is a popular, cost-effective option.

It can be constructed in a number of ways. Over the years I’ve developed a way to install a closeboard fence so it’ll last much longer than most of the fences you’ll see out and about.

I use larger than normal posts and use new oak sleepers instead of gravel board at the base.

With this arrangement the sleeper doubles as a retainer which often comes in handy as many gardens have slightly different levels from one side of the fence to the other.

And, because sleepers are rigid, it stops the fencing sagging in the middle over the years.

Panel Fences

Digging deeper for a better value fence

When you install a panel fence, most of the cost is labour.

Because the materials are a relatively small percentage of the cost, it makes sense to just spend a little more to give the fence a longer life.

To do this we use the best materials, and go larger on the posts and deeper on the holes.

That means we always use high-grade pressure-treated timber panels, and slightly larger posts dug in to a minimum depth of 70cm – much deeper than with standard fencing.








Anyone for trellis?

Trellis can be used to add extra height to an existing fence or support climbing plants for use as a screen. Again, we always use pressure-treated timber and the best materials.

Contemporary screens

Screens have moved on a bit from the traditional criss-cross screens used in the past.

 Thin horizontal slats give a nice effect in any setting where traditional trellis might have been used before and there are a range of options – from soft wood to planed hardwood – to suit every budget.


Decking is often used for raised areas at the back of properties or around hot tubs. I like to sink decking areas into the ground which gives a nice effect that you don’t normally see.


Composite decking is made from recycled materials and is virtually maintenance free. Most composite decks are non-slip, so they’re perfect for around hot tubs, small pools or swim spas.


Softwood decking is your least expensive option. If it’s pressure-treated it has a realistic life span of 10 years at ground level, and 12 to 15 years as a raised deck.


Hardwood decking isn’t the cheapest option and – contrary to popular belief – you can’t just install it and then forget about it. It needs quite a lot of maintenance – cleaning and oiling every year.

 I can talk you through all the options and help you make the best choice.


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